JANA VIKAS plays a vital role in empowering women. We make attempts to address issues of violence against women at individual and community level. Conscious efforts are made to bridge gaps in terms of rights, access, control of resources and economic opportunities on one hand and decision-making, power and political representation on the other. Attempts are made to bring in social, economic, political and legal empowerment.

Jana Vikas has organized awareness campaign at the community level on social issues i.e. trafficking, domestic violence and importance of women participation in Palli-Sabha and Gram-sabha through skits, film show and interactive sessions. Printing materials like poster, leaflets are distributed, slogans painted on the wall to disseminate information. Community Vigilance Groups (CVG) and Adolescent Boys and Girls Groups (ABGG) are formed at the community level.

Each group comprise of 11 to 15 members represented by male and female members of the village. Workshop and training were conducted on legal provisions of the government to prevent and resolve issues pertaining to domestic violence Act 2005, Hindu Marriage Act 2006 (amendment), Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006, trafficking and atrocities. Groups are even provided hand-holding support to learn process and procedures to file the case.  Groups are introduced with the duty bearers of the relevant Departments of women and Child, District Labour Department, Women Support Services, District Legal Services and Integrated Anti Trafficking Unit (IAHTU) to build confidence to handle the issues independently. All these endeavor have enhanced the leadership skills of a few women.

We are encouraging registration of women labour under Nav Nirman Sharmik Yojna, and Scheme of the Govt. of India. The vigilant group and the agents are asked to register in labour department before taking the labours out of state. This helps to access legal services and compensation from Government in case of accidents. Through this social security women increase the chances of safe migration.

The Groups keep records of contact number and address to trace migrants in case of crisis. These groups have successfully identified unmarried women above 30 years of age and accessed pension scheme from the government. Women are now decisively asking for their rights and entitlements, representation and recognition in governance system at the village and Panchayat level.

Addressing domestic violence and trafficking:

Activities Result
Community vigilance groups formed (CVG) 95  villages
Adolescent boys and girls group (ABGG) 89 villages
Domestic violence resolved 55
Rescued trafficked victims 17
Missing cases resolved 02
Missing cases  identified 10
Women Migration reduced 147/93
Cases of Domestic violence identified 30
Cases under trail 10 women
Cases under counselling 10 women
Rescued girls under rehabilitation 13 girls
Women accessed pension for unwedded women above 30 years of age 40 women
Registered with labour department 423 women
Prevented child marriage 01