JANA VIKAS works on reducing conflicts among the communities. Many strategies are evolved to bring in complete normalcy at the village level through reducing  fear, distrust, apprehensions and threat among the communities so that to live with peace and harmony. We have consciously trying to mainstream peace building measures within organizational functioning and design. The projects keep this theme as cross cutting issue. In few afflicted villages we have revived the indigenous traditional governance practices which brought significant change in the lives of the communities, increased trust, reduced fear and apprehensions. We had facilitated to revive old age local festival wherein members of both the communities came together to organize, participate and celebrate.

This helped in bridging the gap from the rifts created in the past. Competition at the schools were  conducted among the students on reasoning  best practices about MADA the unique way of post funeral service which brings members of both the community to express their grief.

Students were moved with emotions and assured to maintain harmony in the schools and villages.

We are developing Prashanti cultural resource center in way that is reflecting movements of our harmonious and peaceful coexistence in the past. Even the workshops are conducted with traditional leaders and Indigenous writers to reflect on some of the remarkable events and practices which have sustained our coexistence through years. Writers identify and collect, document and process it with validation in their respective villages with community leaders and members. Some of them are published to disseminate information to mass readers and preserve as records for the future generations. These traditional leaders exercised the customary law to resolve the land and village dispute to resolve the issue amicably and they also begun to take interest in village development activities done by the Government. We have also revived the traditional dance and music, one of the inherent and important aspect in the lives of these people. We have hosted teams across the district to perform at the center, also played the vital role in getting these team recognition from the district administration.

The community members who were present on this occasion revived the traditional practice of dance and music at their respective villages in local festival and marriage events. Further they stepped towards unity.

Women Bare Foot Communicators are addressing various social issues for building solidarity and locating resource inclusion among the indigenous communities. Cultural team is the peace ambassadors. The team visits villages to create awareness at the village level on social issues like trafficking, domestic violence by performing skits, film show and indigenous dance. This helps the communities to resolve social issues and revive the culture of dance and music at the community level. This practice has created space to bring unity in diversity among the communities and triggering harmony.

Peace Building

Resolved Issues Quantity
Internal village Disputes solved 41 Villages
Cultural practices revived 42 villages
 land disputes solved 9 individuals