JANA VIKAS is making consistent effort to enhance local governance system at the Panchayat and village level. Capacity building, trainings and workshops are conducted to create awareness on the importance of participation in the Pallisabha and Gramsabha. Villagers are participating in the lowest platform of the government to plan, demand and to decide on the programs for development of the village.

We also enhance the leadership quality by providing handholding support to introduce them with the duty bearers of line departments and demonstrate practically the procedures followed at different level i.e. planning, processing and finally accessing. To further strengthen our efforts we have conducted district level trainings for the newly elected PRI members. This stood as a remarkable event. Block chairman, Vice chairman, Sarpanch, Panchayat samiti members and ward members in the training learnt their role, responsibility, power and functions. This activity has helped the newly elected leaders to walk miles ahead by immediately exercising their power at respective jurisdiction while conducting Pallisabha and Gramsabha. They do maintain required quorum in the meetings, encourage people to participate, view grievances, analyse plans and decisions are taken judiciously.

We have presented some of the governance initiatives to acknowledge the outcomes of the collaborative efforts. In a few villages the innocent community members have volunteered to identify programs of the Government from which they are being excluded i.e.; provision of social security, infrastructural development, electricity, irrigation, health and other meetings being conducted to prioritize the issues, consensus made to address, action plans developed, applications written, followed up with the duty bearers till successfully accessing their entitlements.  The sporadic instances spark in the heart of the villagers definitely will bring broader change in a few days to come.

With the initiative of Jana Vikas the Communities have received 22 newly community forest title under CFR. Gramsabhas are engaged in indicating the traditional boundaries by displaying the board, demarcating areas of grazing, and collection of non timber forest produce.

They are safeguarding the forest from timber mafia, hunters of wild animals and conserve the forest by fire line.

They have also submitted memorandum to District Forest Officer demanding to revive and regenerate traditional trees and herbal plants which are getting extinct.

Jana Vikas facilitated communities to access Government programmes for development

Advocacy Initiatives on forest rights and Management

Activities No’s of villages
Identified traditional/customary boundaries 30
Cleaned traditional/customary boundaries 29
Developed fire line protection system 18
Community Forest title received 22
Community Forest title claimed 06
Individual forest right title apllied 98
Villages developed forest management and protection plan 17
Forest management committees protection, conservation and management 26
Villages submitted memorandum to DFO  for regeneration  of traditional varieties of  trees 22
Villages displayed board to prevent illegal cutting of trees 07
Villages protects wild animal from illegal hunting. 08
Villages cleaned fire lines for proper  rotational farming practices on shifting cultivations 08